Matched Betting Round Table 1

One of the matched betting communities started putting together a mini series on YouTube about news on matched betting.

Ignoring Variance

Some matched betting offers will be 100% risk free if you do them right but most (and the best ones) will have some element of risk or variance . Basically if an offer is good and profitable long term then it is worth doing. You need to get into the mindset of ignoring the variance. If you make an extra £100? No big deal. Ignore it. If you lose an extra £300? Don't blink an eye.

Playing the Casino With Free Spins

Far too often people look at matched betting as all about the sports betting. Really there are just as many casino offers (if not more) compared to sports bets. We've been using a tool to find free spins in a load of casino sites lately. They're actually easier than sports bets because you don't need to screw around with the betting exchange or odd calculators. It's as simple as "if you get more than you lose then it's profitable in the long term".

Example of Football Refund Offers

football matched betting offer

Football offers are one of the most popular and reliable types of offers in matched betting. Some offers are on specific games while others can be on any type of football game. Most of these offers require some kind of risk but present good long term value if you know what you're doing. Personally I avoid even good prices on unlikely events. Variance can be pretty high with some of these markets.
Specific Match Offers

Tales From Matched Betting 1

10 years at the same company and I'm pretty happy to say that today I left my job. That's not to say I'm not scared about the safety and future of matched betting (especially considering how big it's been getting!) but after spending the last 6 months building a bankroll and getting to grips with the various offers I'm feeling good. I started matched betting back in December and took to it really well. I do most slot offers.never missed a horse refund but haven't done last golf offers or any acca to date. They just take too much work.

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